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We hope you all had a great trading week. Before we switch to the weekend mode, let’s take a quick look at this week’s FTMO trading content.
The new FTMO interview is here! This time we speak with FTMO Trader Andrijano from Croatia. Andrijano revealed one of the trading strategies he is using in the index markets, namely US30, a very popular instrument amongst our FTMO Traders. Following his plan made him $8,000 in one month, so check his approach as you may find there something beneficial for your trading as well.
“FTMO has the fairest and the most appropriate conditions for a trader to be able to prove its abilities.” This quote comes from one of our new FTMO Traders as he was kind enough to share with us his journey and also dived deep into how FTMO helped him manage risk properly and highly advance his trading. Our other new FTMO Trader, Ryan, also explains what helped him to eliminate the luck factor. Another set of interviews with 4 new FTMO Traders is out, see their story and their advice to you below!
Weekend reading: Investors and traders in the capital markets often look for the ideal software instrument that would lead them to long-term consistent returns. Many traders then feel that such an ideal tool would have to combine as many indicators as possible in order to give them the best and guaranteed signals to enter the market. However, the reality is vastly different. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this topic in this article​.

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