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We are at the end of the first trading week of November, but before we all are going to relax for the weekend, let’s break down the trading content FTMO brought you this week.
Trading psychology is an extremely important topic in trading. In this new video, our colleague Nelly talks about trading psychology and will focus more on strengths and weaknesses in trading.
Simon is back reviewing passed FTMO Challenges and Verifications. This time, Simon will focus on trading approaches that were all different, yet successful. Scalping, swing trading, high/low RRR, mini lots as well as enormous trade volumes, traders use various tools to their advantage. Find out if any of our traders used a strategy similar to yours in the following episode!
Weekend reading: Choosing a trading platform is almost as important as choosing a broker or liquidity provider. It is a working tool that must be clear enough, but at the same time offer a number of necessary features and tools that make the trader’s job easier.’ How to choose the best platform for you? We will find out in this article.
Daylight Saving Time ends in the Americas: On Sunday, 07 November at 2 am in the United States (9 am GMT+3) the platform time will shift one hour backward to GMT+2. Therefore, the difference between Central European Time (CET), on which your Maximum Daily Losses are calculated, and the platform time will change back to the usual 1 hour. We recommend you to use the Timezone Converter which is available in the left column of your Account MetriX and to manage your trades accordingly. 

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