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FTMO released a weekly recap, and they have some exciting things that have happened at their firm.

They published an interview with their trader Sergio, who confirmed that journaling is often overlooked while being an essential part of trading.

The following video shares his deep journaling process that helped manage his FTMO account for the past five months.

In 2019 FTMO received an award in the Rising Stars category. The following year, 2020, they defended their win. And finally, in 2021, they have won the main Fast 50 category.

The entire FTMO Team managed to grow almost an astonishing 40,000% and rewrite 22 years of history in this competition.

You can read more about it here.

FTMO weekend reading:

They already mentioned that they don’t recommend the martingale principle in forex trading. But what would it look like if they used the martingale principle effectively to their benefit? You can find out more in their new article by clicking here.

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