ImageWelcome to our last FTMO Weekly recap of this month.

You know that we deeply care about trading psychology. What actually trading psychology is and why is it such a crucial component of everyone’s trading? This is the topic that our performance coach Nelly talks about in this new video!

Becoming an FTMO Trader is an outcome of combining a great amount of effort together with hard-earned knowledge, but of course there’s more to that. What psychological obstacles can you expect, how should you approach your strategy? We’ve interviewed several new FTMO Traders to help you anticipate your potential route through the Evaluation Process.

Weekend reading: How did we get from barter, exchanging shells and precious metal coins, through traditional paper money, all the way to today’s purely electronic cryptocurrencies and internet trading? When did Forex actually come into existence and what led to it? We will try to cover the complete path of the foreign exchange market in this new article.
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