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Welcome to our regular FTMO weekly recap.​

Every professional forex trader must pay attention to the economic calendar as it influences the majority of market movements. In this video, we will cover the fundamental essentials so you can keep track of all the important events and releases!
This week we have quite an unusual video for you. Simon takes a look at failed FTMO Challenges and analyzes what these traders did wrong and the different ways they could improve in order to avoid losses. Take a look at this new video and maybe you can recognize some of the same mistakes you have made.
Weekend reading: This week we have an article from our Performance Coach Nelly. She talks about how trading can affect real-life situations and gives actionable tips on dealing with obstacles trading can bring.Hello traders,
Welcome to the next FTMO Weekly recap.
This week we bring you another interview with our FTMO Trader. This time it is Charlie from the UK. Charlie talks about his journey and how FTMO helped him with his development as a trader. On top of that, he also shares his price action trading strategy he applies on trading GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.
Simon is here once again to bring you a fresh overview of recently passed FTMO Challenges and Verifications. How did our traders perform in the FTMO Evaluation process? Let’s find out in the latest video.
Weekend reading: Have you ever experienced an executed order at a different price than your preset SL/TP? Do you know what happened? Did you think it was a faulty platform mistake? Slippage is easy to understand but can trigger many questions if you are not fully familiar with it. If you want to recognize why slippages happen, when they happen and how to avoid them, you might find this article informative. You will also learn what happens behind the scenes and what journey your order takes when you hit the execution button in the platform until it gets filled. 

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