Holidays are over and traders are slowly returning to their computers to take advantage of the rising activity across the world financial markets. At FTMO, we are well aware of this and over the recent summer months, we’ve been devoted to the development of new features that will refine your trading experience with FTMO.

As Christmas is still quite far away, we have decided to start giving out presents a bit earlier.

First, we need to thank all FTMO Traders. Every payout is beneficial to both sides and thanks to you and your good results, we are now able to adjust the payout conditions in your favour.

Up to 90% Profit Split

We have decided to change the default payout ratio for all traders to 80:20. We’ve been using the 70:30 model since the beginning and as a sign of gratitude for all the great traders we had the chance to work with over the past years, we feel like it’s time for a change. But the 80% share is not where we draw the line.

If you meet the conditions of our Scaling Plan, not only do we increase the balance of your FTMO Account by 25%, the payout ratio will also automatically change to a staggering 90:10! From now on, consistent FTMO Traders not only get to manage a bigger account, they also receive the eligibility for a 90% Profit Split.

So if you make a profit of e. g. $50,000 on your FTMO Account, the difference with the new Profit Split ratios looks like this:

Payouts on demand

If you are one of our FTMO Traders or you closely follow our social networks, you know that the whole payout process is made to be simple and fast. But if you follow us for quite some time, you also know that we like to push the boundaries of the industry standards.

So, what would you think about the option to choose your Profit Split Day?

As traders, we know that trading is about results and especially at the beginning of a trading career, the gaps between regular monthly payouts may often seem like an eternity.
That’s why we have developed Payouts on demand for all FTMO Traders. The payout can be processed just after 14 days, or you can choose any later date available in the calendar.
It is now completely up to you which day you find most convenient for a profit withdrawal.

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