Forex Prop Reviews Giveaway Ends in 24 Hours!

Forex Prop Reviews first-ever giveaway of 2023. The Giveaway will end 24 hours on the 22nd of January.

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Hello, traders and other enthusiasts of the proprietary trading firm industry! We hope you are all doing great and are finding success while trading with proprietary trading firms in 2023. As you all know, we have recently started a giveaway that is still running. Note that our first giveaway of 2023 will be ending in 24 hours, so be sure to take this last chance to enter and participate!

In this giveaway, we will be selecting two winners. Each winner will be receiving a $250,000 evaluation challenge account from Fidelcrest, which is valued at €999!

With that said, we wanted to give our last reminder to everyone that the giveaway will be ending in 24 hours. Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity of receiving a free $250,000 evaluation challenge account. Especially since Fidelcrest is an excellent proprietary trading firm that has been in the industry since 2020, making them one of the more reputable prop firms in the industry. In addition, they also have a wide range of trading instruments that individuals are able to trade with 1:100 leverage. Their community also rates them with an excellent rating as well, which you can check on their Trustpilot.

The rules to enter the first Forex Prop Reviews giveaway of 2023 are the following:

  • Follow us on Instagram @forexpropreviews.
  • Comment and tag your two best trading friends in our Instagram Post.
  • Register at our forum and leave a comment under your favorite prop firm.

The rules to join are straightforward and accessible to everyone, meaning that you have nothing to lose by joining and having a free chance of winning a $250,000 evaluation challenge account.

At Forex Prop Reviews, we are working hard on a daily basis to create interesting content about the proprietary trading firm industry that will keep you all engaged! And for everyone following us, note that we will continue to improve and provide more and more useful and interesting content in the future. With that said, be sure to continue following us on our social media platforms, as well as reading the latest prop news releases on our website!

Wishing everyone good luck tomorrow and throughout 2023 in the markets!

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