Finotive Funding September Statistics- Great or Good?

In a month marked by market volatility, Finotive Funding has reported remarkable September statistics.

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Finotive Funding is happy to share its performance last month. In a month marked by market volatility, Finotive Funding has reported remarkable statistics for the month of September. With a commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit, Finotive Funding has continued to shine in the prop industry.

The statistics include total payouts, capital funded, traded volume off the charts, and their growing community of talented traders continued to shine!

Finotive Funding September Statistics

Finotive Funding September Statistics

Let’s take a look at the Numbers:

  • Total Capital Funded $15,054,500

Finotive Funding announced that it successfully allocated a total of $15,054,500 in capital during the month of September. This amount reflects the firm’s confidence in traders’ trading strategies and risk management. The firm continues to support its traders in navigating the ever-changing trading landscape.

  • Over 158,780 Monthly Trades Executed

In September, Finotive Funding’s traders executed an impressive 158,780 trades. This showcases their swiftness and proficiency in capitalizing on market opportunities. This high trading volume reflects the firm’s commitment to staying active in the markets and adapting to market conditions.

  • Total Payouts Reach $197,943.62

Finotive Funding had a total payout amounting to $197,943.62 for their exceptional performance during the month. These payouts are a testament to the firm’s dedication to paying traders on time and fostering a culture of success.

  • Monthly Traded Volume Soars to $9,252,709,000

One of the standout achievements of Finotive Funding in September was the substantial monthly traded volume of $9,252,709,000. This impressive figure underscores the firm traders’ ability to execute large-scale trades while maintaining their commitment to responsible trading practices.

Finotive Funding traders continue to demonstrate resilience and adaptability in the face of market challenges. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the firm looks forward to building on this success in the coming months.

About the Firm

Finotive Funding is a proprietary firm founded by Oliver Newland, who understands that capital is, in most cases, the biggest obstacle to becoming a full-time trader. His goal is to create a process that will allow retail traders worldwide to grow their capital and generate significant returns.

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