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Finotive Funding announced the removal of the Maximum Exposure Rule.

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Finotive Funding was founded by Oliver Newland on the 23rd of April, 2021. You are eligible for payouts after passing the two-stage evaluation or earning from the start if you prefer instant Funding. Finotive Funding allows its clients to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

 In addition, they also offer traders relaxed trading rules, which makes them an excellent choice for any trader, no matter the experience.

Finotive Funding Maximum Exposure Rule

Finotive Funding announced yesterday that they have significant updates for every day in the coming week. They are probably boosting their trading game.

Now the firm has announced the first update, ‘The removal of the Maximum Exposure Rule!’

The prop firm explained that this rule was initially in place to help them manage their open exposure and limit the negative effects of martingale trading. 

Since the addition of its Responsible Trading Policy last summer, the firm shared that its traders now understand the importance of proper risk management. And they know that maintaining their own risk across open positions is essential. That is why they are lowering the need for the Max Exposure Rule.

Lowering the need for Max Exposure Rules means traders are now free to open as many positions as they would like, ensuring that their open risk does not breach the RTP. Traders no longer have a cap on the number of open positions allowed per instrument.

Now, this is an excellent update by the firm. The firm has announced that it will be sharing more updates. We’ll be sharing every update with you. So, stay updated with us.

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