Finotive Funding New Update: No Previous Losses!

Finotive Funding update: no longer pay back previous funded account losses!

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Finotive Funding is a proprietary firm founded by Oliver Newland on the 23rd of April, 2021. They have also developed Finotive Markets, their brokerage, which is planned to become fully regulated in the later parts of 2023. Traders are allowed to trade:

  • Forex pairs
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies.

Finotive Funding offers its traders three different funding programs to choose from:

  • Two-step evaluation program accounts
  • Instant funding program accounts
    • Standard instant funding program accounts
    • Aggressive instant funding program accounts
  • One-step evaluation program accounts

Finotive Funding Update

The prop firm, Finotive Funding, is all about updates in 2023. The rapidly growing firm has been updating its terms and changing its policies. In the early months of the prop firm, the rules and regulations were quite strict. This was to avoid rapid and significant losses. And Now Finotive Funding has another update related to their rules and policies.

Finotive Funding announced that traders no longer have to pay back previous funded account losses!

Since the introduction of its Responsible Trading Policy last summer, the firm shared that they have seen a drastic reduction in the number of funded traders failing accounts. This gave them a lot more confidence that their funded traders have a solid understanding of risk management. Thus, reducing the risk of gamblers or all-or-nothing behavior would previously result in funded accounts being lost exceptionally quickly.

So, if you have previously lost a funded account, you will now have no profit split reductions or scaling prohibition. Finotive Funding just made trading easier for its traders.

The previous updates have been incredible, and this latest update takes the burden off traders as they don’t have to worry about losing their funded account losses.

Lastly, as usual, we have a discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) which you can use for 5% Off + 5% Profit split increase, or you can read about Finotive Funding Review.

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