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Forex Prop Reviews offers a 15% discount for Fidelcrest challenges, using our discount code!

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Hello Traders! Forex Prop Reviews reminds you that we offer discounts, promos, and cashback links for various prop firms. Remember, all of them are legitimate prop firms. Also, since we have an ongoing giveaway for the prop firm, Fidelcrest, we thought it would be the best time to remind you that we offer a 15% discount on Fidelcrest challenges. All you have to do is use our discount code (FPR-15).

How to get Fidelcrest Discount?

First, you have to visit the Fidelcrest Website. You will be given two options there; Sign Up or Log in. If you already have an account and choose to log in, you will need your email and password.

But if you choose to Sign Up, You will need to enter the following information: your title, First Name, Last Name, Email address, Phone Number, and Country of residence.

After signing up, you will receive an email from the firm, which will have your password. Copy that and go back to the login page again.

Then you will be directed to another page where you will select the program you want to start. You will have the following options, and you can choose whichever suits you the most.

Scroll down, and you will find a column where you must enter your personal data.

At the bottom of the column. You will find the option of Promo Code, where you have to paste the Fidelcrest discount code (FPR-15) we offer.

After adding the Discount code, scroll down again. Select your payment method, and you are good to go. You got a 15% discount using the Forex Prop Reviews discount code.

Also, read our detailed review if you want to learn more about the firm before trading with them.

Happy Trading, Traders! About the giveaway we mentioned earlier, read about it by clicking on the link.

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