E8 Funding Week 49 Trading Statistics. Good or not?

E8 Funding Week49 Stats, including the Biggest payout, and much more.

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E8 Funding offers a simple funding offer. To manage a Funded Account for E8, traders must finish the two-phase or three-phase evaluation process. E8 Funding, a fund provider in the forex prop firm market, offers traders a very appealing, organized, educational, and seamless dashboard.

 Traders are free to increase their Funded Account Balance gradually. They have a creative scaling approach. Furthermore, traders should complete each growth stage to scale the funded account balance to $1,000,000 in less than a year.

 To scale the funded account balance to $1,000,000 in less than a year, traders should complete each growth stage. E8 Funding allows traders to choose a predetermined amount of capital to trade with.

The firm has created a user-friendly interface with the crucial data a trader needs and the best technology available to support it.

 They aim to be the top proprietary trading firm in the world and give their traders access to tier-1 liquidity. They want to give their traders the best funding experience possible with their creative ideas.

E8 Funding Week 49 Trading Statistics

E8 Funding shared Week 49 Statistics. Let’s take a look:

  • They provided $27,390,000+ in funded accounts to traders who passed the evaluations last week.
  • The firm welcomed 2873 new users in E8X.
  • The most significant profit share during the week was $33,164.
  • The average funded payout was $4,972.
  • The most profitable winning single trade was in EURUSD for $36,100.
  • The best risk-to-reward ratio achieved was 49:1.
  • The average processing time for withdrawal requests was just 11 hours.

Some more interesting statistics:

  • Fastest Time to beat Phase 2: 26:50 Minutes
  • Fastest Time to get Funded: 49:06 Minutes
  • Highest RR Trader: 49.18:1

Also, the firm shared that they have some exciting new updates to share before the year’s end. We’ll update you as soon as we have news from them.

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Happy Trading, Trading!

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