E8 Funding Week 3 Statistics: Impressive or not?

E8 Funding shares Week 3 statistics of 2023 which include total funded, single highest payouts, etc.

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E8 Funding is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 5th of November, 2021. They offer traders capital up to $1,000,000 in balance with 80% profit splits, and they have offices in Dallas and Texas in the United States and Prague in the Czech Republic. As their broker, they partner with a tier-1 liquidity provider that offers direct market access.

  • News trading allowed
  • Scaling account option
  • Leverage 1:100
  • A large variety of trading instruments
  • No minimum trading day requirements

E8 Funding Week 3 of 2023

E8 Funding stands to be the best prop firm in the prop firm industry. With their ongoing contest where traders guess the firm’s 2022 statistics and the firm reveals the correct answers. We can say that we are impressed by all the numbers. Now, E8 Funding has shared its Week 3 statistics for 2023. So, let’s see if the weekly Numbers are impressive or not.

E8 Funding funded a total of nearly $31,170,000 in trading accounts this week, welcoming 2647 new traders to E8X. The highest Payout achieved was $20,040+, resulting in an average payout of $6,878 per trader. The average payout processing time was 13 hours.

One trader reached the funded stage in less than 10 minutes, and the best risk-to-reward ratio was 48.5:1. The most profitable single trade generated over $40,434 while trading USD/JPY.

So, if we sum up Week 3 Statistics of 2023 for E8 Funding, we have the following:

  • Total Funded Last week: $31,170,000+
  • Biggest Payout: $20,040+
  • New E8X Users: 2647
  • Average Payout: $6,878
  • Average Payout time: 13 Hours
  • Highest RR Trader: 48.51:1
  • Highest trade this week:
    • USDJPY $40,434
      • Entry Price: 130.838
      • Close Price: 129.098

E8 continues to seek new traders to join its team and welcomes everyone ready for the challenge in 2023. E8 Funding stays on top of its game even in 2023, which is excellent. And Congratulations to the firm and the traders. These traders outperformed themselves, and we always appreciate hardworking and smart traders.

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