Discount Code for E8 Funding-10% off on Challenges

Discount code for E8 Funding, traders can use this code and get a 10% discount on the E8 challenges. What are you waiting for?

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E8 Funding has a passion for identifying hidden talent. This prop funding firm has made an effort to develop distinctive funding opportunities as well as a user-friendly path to becoming a qualified, funded trader, allowing traders to remotely manage their capital from any location in the world.

The firm offers three types of funding accounts

E8 Account

  • Earn. Pass. Trade Up To $300,000
  • To access the account of the trader’s choice and manage a Funded Account for E8, complete the two-phase evaluation process.

ELEV8 Account

  • Limitless Scaling for The Funded Account
  • Balance can be Scaled by Traders at their Own Pace. E8 Funding has a creative approach to scaling.
  • To scale their funded account balance to $1,000,000 in less than a year, traders must complete each growth stage.

E8 Track

Pass their unique 3-phase evaluation and traders get to manage an E8 Track Funded account with up to $250,000 in starting capital; lower cost, same reward!

E8 Funding has created a user-friendly interface with the crucial data a trader needs and the best technology available to support it. They want to give traders the best funding experience they can with their creative ideas.

Fast Setup

They developed the most user-friendly sign-up process in the industry, it takes less than two minutes! 

Know Your Stats

Experience powered by E8X Dashboard, where traders can view and measure their account objectives, progress, and trading stats. 

Go PRO with E8 Funding

Receive Trader Agreement and become a professional account manager for their Proprietary Trading Fund.



This is the first step of the evaluation process. Traders must pay a fee for the trial account and must succeed here to advance to the risk assessment stage. 


This is the final step towards becoming a funded trader. Once you pass this stage and your results are verified, you will be offered capital to trade with from the firm.

Join the firm as a funded trader. 80 percent of your profits are yours if you trade responsibly. Follow the maximum loss guidelines and trade at your own risk. No profit goal is necessary.

Discount for E8 Funding

We have prepared a special discount code for E8 Funding. Use our discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) traders can get a 10% discount when purchasing any of their challenges.

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