Change in Daily Drawdown by Blue Guardian Capital. What’s new?

Blue Guardian Capital announced that they’re updating the formula they use to determine their Daily Drawdown.

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Skilled and seasoned traders can benefit from Blue Guardian Capital’s assistance in maximizing their abilities and securing a funded account. The financial market requires both adequate capital and a carefully thought-out strategy. They are now looking for and accrediting smart traders who have the potential to make real money with demo funds.

According to Blue Guardian Capital, their aim is to identify and accredit intelligent traders, giving them the chance to make real money with practice money. Extending a helping hand that might bring them one step closer to financial independence.

They strive to create a safe, honest, and transparent environment for all of their traders while also offering top-notch customer service to all of the traders they have partnered with.

Whereas a significant announcement on their behalf was made today.

Change to the Daily Drawdown:

Blue Guardian Capital has announced changes to its daily drawdown. On November 5th, they will update the formula they use to determine their daily drawdown. Upon the day change at 5 pm EST, they will determine the daily loss limit for the new day by subtracting a fixed 4% of the initial balance from the higher value. Accounts purchased after November 5th will be subject to this. Prior to November 5, all assessments and funded accounts will continue to use the previous daily drawdown calculations.

The team at Blue Guardian Capital started out as traders. They think it is impossible to produce and keep up the kind of high returns that other prop firms require to pass. As a result, their team has created a model that will, in their opinion, give traders of all different styles a chance in reality to become funded traders.

Let’s see how the traders react to this news.

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