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Forex Prop Reviews prepared another review for its reader about a prop firm names ‘Blue Guardian Capital.’

Blue Guardian Capital has a long history in the prop trading firm sector. In September 2021, they went public. Their current headquarters are in the United Kingdom’s West Midlands, allowing traders to work with funded accounts worth up to $600k with a scaling balance of $1.8m. They are associated with a broker by the name of Purple Trading Seychelles.

Blue Guardian Capital Evaluation Programs

The following evaluation program accounts are currently available from Blue Guardian Capital to its traders:

Account Leverage1:1001:1001:1001:100
Minimum Trading Days5555
Phase 1 Target (30 days)$1,500 (6%)$3,000 (6%)$6,000 (6%)$12,000 (6%)
Phase 2 Target (60 days)$1,500 (6%)$3,000 (6%)$6,000 (6%)$12,000 (6%)
Maximum Loss$2,500 (10%)$5,000 (10%)$10,000 (10%)$20,000 (10%)
Maximum Daily Loss$1,000 (4%)$2,000 (4%)$4,000 (4%)$8,000 (4%)
Profit Split85%85%85%85%
Allowed EAs
Weekend Holding
Refundable Fee100%100%100%100%

The reward for completing both evaluation phases is a funded account, where traders have no profit targets and are only required to abide by the 4% daily loss and 10% overall loss rules. Fourteen calendar days after opening their first position on a funded account, traders will receive their first payout. The profit split will be 85% of what was earned on the funded account.

To ensure that they’re only working with consistently profitable traders and have a solid strategy behind them, they also have a risk desk team that decides whether a trader’s trading strategy deserves funding.

Blue Guardian Capital charges traders $3.50 per trade on all of their trading instruments. In addition, they have a very comprehensive FAQ section on their platform for trader education and support.

Realistic Objectives

Blue Guardian Capital’s accessible evaluation programs have average maximum loss rules and relatively modest profit targets, so trading with them is likely to be successful. Since the accounts traders can select all and have very realistic objectives to follow and conditions to receive payouts, Blue Guardian Capital is a great option to get funded with.

For a more detailed version of the Blue Guardian Capital review, watch the video:

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