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A forex VPS makes trading faster and can save traders money. We review the 10 best forex VPS providers in 2022. Learn more & trade today.

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Forex virtual private server (VPS) offers faster trade execution and more power for running automated trading strategies. Having the best forex VPS can make a huge difference when it comes to trading in the fast-moving currency market.

In this guide, we’ll review the 10 best Forex VPS platforms to use in 2022. We’ll also explain how forex VPS systems work and why traders should consider using the best VPS for forex.

Best Forex VPS to Use in 2022 – Top 10 List

We’ve tested out dozens of forex VPS platforms to find the 10 best forex VPS platforms in 2022:

  1. – Most Forex VPS Server Locations Worldwide
  2. Trading FX VPS -Best Forex VPS for Low Latency Trading
  3. InterServer – Best Forex VPS for Windows Servers
  4. AccuWeb Hosting – Top Forex VPS with Outstanding Security Features
  5. FXVM – Overall Fastest VPS for Forex Trading
  6. JavaPipe – Forex VPS Hosting with High-performance
  7. – High-quality VPS services
  8. BestFxVPS – Best Cheap Forex VPS with Speedy Connections
  9. – Best Premium Forex VPS Service for High Frequency Traders
  10. Kamatera – Forex VPS Hosting with Highly Customizable Servers

The Best Forex Trading VPS – In-Depth Comparison

How we ranked the best forex VPS hosting providers:

  1. We looked and tested accessibility, environment, speed, and reliability of the servers.
  2. We evaluated the terms, reputation and support of the forex hosts.
  3. We compared pricing packages and the possibility to grow your business.

Want to choose the best VPS for forex trading? Check out the reviews below and pick the optimal provider for you.

1. – Most Forex VPS Server Locations Worldwide stands out for traders who want to work with multiple forex brokers around the world. This forex VPS provider has servers across the US and Europe as well as in South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Mumbai. The network’s breadth is impressive and can reduce latency to less than 1ms for forex trade execution.


ForexVPS has servers in eight countries around the world. The concentration of locations is the strongest in the US and the UK, but Asia gets solid coverage, too. It’s a decent network.

ForexVPS also does a lot to maintain low latency between its servers and reputable forex brokers. If you go to ForexVPS’s website and check out the numbers for each server location and every major brokerage, you’ll see the provider can achieve 1ms latency to most brokers, which is truly impressive.

The provider isn’t that specific about its hardware, but we know the servers have 1Gbps internet connectivity. Some high-frequency servers come with higher speed CPU cores—3.4GHz, to be exact. Unfortunately, this offer is only available in the US and the UK, so it works for a limited range of brokerages.

Overall, however, the infrastructure performs rather well.


Like other forex VPS providers, the servers support Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 2012. Unsurprisingly, the smallest server constrains you to the 2012 version.

The provider does weekly backups and any necessary upgrades during the weekend. That way, it ensures maintenance won’t interrupt your trading.

The servers are optimized for running MetaTrader 4 or 5. ForexVPS even has a script set up that can boot the trading system whenever you start the server, which is a nice touch.

A few other handy apps come on the server by default (like the Chrome browser), but you have to manually install any other trading-related software you want to run on your MetaTrader VPS.


If you want to trade alone or with a couple of collaborators, then one of ForexVPS’ four plans will probably appeal to you:

  • Basic—One CPU core, 2GB RAM, 60GB storage, $29.74/month
  • Basic+—Two CPU cores, 2.5GB RAM, 80GB storage, $33.99/month
  • Standard—Two CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 90GB storage, $50.14/month
  • High Freq—One high-frequency CPU core, 3GB RAM, 100GB storage, $57.79/month


ForexVPS is an excellent provider if you want to get a heavily optimized platform for yourself or a small team of traders.

2. Trading FX VPS – Best Forex VPS for Low Latency Trading

Trading FX VPS offers the best forex VPS for most traders in 2022. Our best forex VPS review found that this provider offers execution speeds as fast as 1ms when trading on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 and claims to save traders up to 5 pips on their forex trades. Servers are distributed in 5 cities around the world, giving traders immediate access to the currency markets they want to trade.


Trading FX VPS has servers in seven locations: New York, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It’s not the massive network some other providers have, but it’s enough to go after the major brokers.

Also, the hardware is truly impressive—most forex VPS server machines have pure NVMe drives in RAID-10 arrays, making the storage safe and blazing-fast. The CPUs on the simplest servers are i9s with 3.50GHz speed, which is decent, but the provider also offers extremely robust high-frequency servers.

Some CPUs can be clocked up to 5.3GHz, 4800MHz memory, and even GPU acceleration to speed up charting. Beyond that, the provider has even stronger dedicated servers—they come with a 1Gbps uplink, cloud protection measures, and much more.

The standard VPS for forex trading plans start with one CPU core and 2GB RAM and go up to 4 CPU cores and 8GB RAM. If you need more than that, you can look into the provider’s high frequency or dedicated server ranges.

Overall, it’s a very broad range of high-end solutions.


The servers feature Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 2012. You can request any trading platform or expert advisor, and the support team will install it.

Trading FX VPS achieves 1ms connection speeds to many reputable forex brokers. There’s a list on the provider’s website that you can check so you know what kind of connection times to expect.

Trading FX VPS implements robust protection and data encryption measures. For instance, the servers run cloud-based anti-malware software that can clean up any threats.

Although it’s a bit odd—especially considering that Hyper-V has a built-in checkpoint system— the provider charges extra for snapshot backups.

Overall, though, you get reliable VPS hosting for forex trading.


Trading FX VPS has three standard plans:

  • Standard VPS—One CPU core, 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, $25/month
  • Advanced VPS—Two CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 40GB storage, $45/month
  • Expert VPS—Four CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 50GB storage, $90/month

If, however, you need even more resources, Trading FX VPS can certainly accommodate you with its higher-end servers.

The prices are a bit higher than standard but still reasonable considering the high-end hardware.


Trading FX VPS is a high-end provider with powerful, low-latency machines. If you want the best forex VPS money can buy, it’s the go-to option.

3. InterServer – Best Forex VPS for Windows Servers

InterServer is an affordable web hosting and forex VPS provider that offers both Windows and Linux VPS servers. Windows VPS packages start from just $10 per month and support any trading platform that can run on Windows – including MetaTrader 4 or 5, cTrader, NinjaTrader, and more.


InterServer runs multiple data centers in compliance with all necessary standards and a Tier 3 or Tier 4 classification rating—meaning you get the highest level of reliability.

The provider is secretive about the exact server specs, but the machines perform very decently. We know that each physical machine has a 10Gbps uplink, which gives it impressive internet connectivity.

Other than that, you can get 1-16 CPU cores, 2-32GB RAM, and 30-480GB storage. In other words, you can start small and scale massively.

Overall, the trading server specs are solid and cover a range of options.


Unlike the other hosts we’ve covered, InterServer sells unmanaged servers, which means that setting up the machine and installing a trading platform on it is up to you. The provider works with Windows Server 2019, 2017, or Windows 10, which is fine for most users.

InterServer doesn’t offer much beyond that, except some tools to ensure the forex VPS security. That said, the offer is a lot cheaper than managed hosting, making InterServer an excellent option for traders with a bit of technical experience.

You can log into the machine through a remote desktop and set up any trading app you want—it’s mostly up to you what you want to run.


InterServer has a relatively simple pricing structure. One server slice has one CPU core, 2GB RAM, and 30GB storage, and it costs $10/month. You can add up to 16 slices to a single VPS.

Overall, it’s a simple way to buy a server and scale predictably.

The forex VPS server provider also locks the price when you purchase a plan, which is a peace of mind few hosts can offer you. You can stay on the same tier indefinitely without worrying about price hikes.


InterServer has one of the most powerful and affordable offers for those with technical experience.

If you’re comfortable running your own machine, it’s the go-to choice.

4. AccuWeb Hosting – Top Forex VPS with Outstanding Security Features

Security is critical when trading with the best VPS hosting for forex, and AccuWeb Hosting understands this. This forex VPS provider includes a Windows firewall and antivirus software with every VPS plan, along with 24/7 monitoring and daily backups of traders’ virtual environments. AccuWeb hosting also offers 24/7 technical support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee to help traders stay connected to the market.

Our AccuWeb Hosting forex VPS review found that this provider has data centers in 13 countries around the world, including in the US, Europe, and Asia. Plans start at $9.99 per month, although the cheapest plan limits traders to 250GB of bandwidth per month. This may be enough for 1-2 trading accounts, but not full-scale trading operations. Traders can purchase 100GB of additional bandwidth for $20 per month.

AccuWeb Hosting only offers Windows servers at this time. Traders can access their VPS environment from any computer or smartphone.

5. FXVM – Overall Fastest VPS for Forex Trading

FXVM is a hosting provider that’s solely dedicated to forex trading. This highly specific focus means that FXVM’s servers are optimized for low-latency trading and are never bogged down by websites or other hosting products. As a result, FXVM boasts some of the fastest execution speeds of any forex VPS – less than 1ms for many major forex brokers.

FXVM hosts data centers in 9 countries. Servers are optimized for MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and NinjaTrader, but traders can also install any trading software they want to use. All expert advisors and forex brokers are supported. It only takes about 5 minutes to set up a new environment.

VPS hosting plans at FXVM start at $19 per month. Traders receive 24/7 customer support and a 100% uptime guarantee. All plans also come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

6. JavaPipe – High performance VPS server

Enhance your trading capabilities on platforms like MT4/MT5 or others using the high-performance VPS server hosted by JavaPipe. They provide round-the-clock connectivity with your brokers in addition to a secure and stable network.

All the Forex VPS hosting services they offer are purely KVM-based (Kernel-based VMs). This means you will get the excellent performance of running applications faster, better security, integration capabilities, and cost-friendliness.

No matter where you are based globally, access their high-performing private server with low latency and fewer or no network issues. They offer SSD storage on all VPS plans to help you access data quickly.

With JavaPipe, you don’t have to think about cyber-attacks as they empower your server with 3-tier DDoS protection. The service is scalable as you can upgrade your plans seamlessly when your needs grow.

JavaPipe uses only reliable and latest hardware systems to offer you top-level performance. In addition to this, they make use of reliable carriers that are premium and multi-homed. Control everything with an advanced and easy-to-use control panel without requiring any expertise or coding knowledge. You can also manage your server OS with managed cPanel and root access.

Apart from their professional support, go for self-service with their comprehensive knowledge base to get more ideas. Their pricing starts at just $12.30/month for 2GB RAM, 2 CPUs, 25GB SSD, 10Gbps port, etc.

7. – High-quality VPS services

FxSVPS is a company that provides high-quality VPS services that are made specifically for the needs of forex traders. The company has been in the industry since 2012 and has been used by a large number of forex traders worldwide. They also have hosting servers located in data centers in the USA, Canada, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Central Europe, Russia, Singapore, and Australia

FxSVPS is one of the most reliable VPS available. Their 99.99% up-time, pre-installed platform, insanely low latency, numerous data centers, optimized technology, and easy-to-use system can absolutely benefit any trader out there.

They have a variety of plans with different pricing, allowing traders to choose what they require for their trading based on the quality of the internet. You are also guaranteed insanely low latency and 99.99% up-time. Pairing that with the company’s positive reputation, they are definitely one of the most reliable VPS company’s available.

8. BestFxVPS – Market-leading VPS for traders and fund managers.

BestFxVPS is a dedicated company that provides a market-leading VPS for traders and fund managers. The company has numerous traders using their product worldwide with Data Centers in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Montreal, New York, Oregon, Singapore, and Sydney. The VPS is perfect for traders and fund managers who require a secure and reliable internet connection that has 99.99% up-time and ultra-low latency.

BestFxVPS is a reliable and trustworthy VPS-providing company. Their 99.99% up-time, ultra-low latency, numerous data centers, instant VPS setup, competitive prices, experienced 24/7 support, and advanced security layers can absolutely benefit any trader out there.

They have a variety of plans with different pricing, allowing traders to choose what they require for their trading based on the quality of the internet. You are also guaranteed insanely low latency and 99.99% up-time. Pairing that with the company’s positive reputation, they are definitely one of the most reliable and trustworthy VPS-providing companies out there.

9. – Best Premium Forex VPS Service for High Frequency Traders is a Lithuanian VPS service provider oriented on Forex traders. The physical servers of this company are located in the data centers of both Lithuania and Germany, providing a smooth connection to Europe-based brokers and Europe-based traders.

The basic package has a medium price if compared with the rest of the industry but can boast above-average hardware configuration with few limits imposed. is one of the Forex VPS hosting providers that accept PayPal as the payment method. But the most prominent feature of this VPS is the opportunity to get your expert advisors hosted for free. While they do not offer any trial period, 100% of the hosting payment will be returned to a trader if one opens an account with one of their partner brokers.

When your paid period is over, they will not turn your VPS off until the next Forex day off.

10. Kamatera – Forex VPS Hosting with Highly Customizable Servers

Kamatera offers customizable forex VPS hosting plans for traders who want to craft their ideal digital trading environment. Traders can choose their operating system, CPUs, memory, storage, and more. They can also pick from several data centers in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

All Kamatera plans include a 99.95% uptime guarantee. This provider also offers options for fully managed VPS servers and daily backups. All servers are fully redundant and traders have access to 24/7 customer support.

Forex VPS servers start at just $4 per month, although most traders will require upgrades that push the price to $10-$20 per month. Kamatera VPS servers support all trading platforms and expert advisors.

How to Choose a Forex VPS?

  • Ready to pick out your provider? Let’s go through a checklist of key features to consider before making the purchase—of course, any other useful features you can get are a bonus.
  • Server Locations—Providers usually place their data centers near popular brokerages. This helps avoid latency issues so that you can execute trades faster and always get the most favorable exchange rates. Just make sure the provider sells machines close to where you trade
  • Hardware Specs—Better hardware with stronger internet connectivity speeds up the communication between your server and your forex brokerage. Check out what kind of hardware forex VPS providers use as well as the servers’ uplink speeds.
  • Software—Make sure the software you want to use is supported. Most people use MetaTrader, which means running Windows on the VPS. You could also set it up on Linux, but you’d have to use Wine for setting up Windows apps, and that’s much more complicated.
  • Security—You really don’t want your trading VPS going down. Pick a provider that implements all the necessary security measures to fend off attackers.DDoS protection is essential to stop anyone from purposefully blocking your virtual forex trading efforts.
  • Uptime—Each time your server experiences an outage, you’ll miss out on potential trades and likely lose money. A good provider typically offers an uptime guarantee of at least 99.9%.
  • Support—If there’s a problem with your server, you’ll want it taken care of quickly. A knowledgeable and experienced support team is essential here. You should dedicate at least a few minutes to get in touch with them and see how they respond before you commit to a server.
  • Price—Trading is really only worth it if you earn more than what you spend. You can always consider several providers that fit the bill and see which one offers the best rates.

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