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Our Beginner Trader section is your educational gateway to familiarize yourself with the exciting world of prop trading!

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Beginner Trader Course by FOREX PROP REVIEWS

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Welcome to our Beginner Trader section, your gateway to the exciting world of financial markets! Whether you’re taking your first steps into trading or looking to build a solid foundation, this educational space is tailored just for you. Here, we discover the complexities of trading, providing clear explanations, practical insights, and essential tips to help you navigate the dynamic landscape of Forex trading. Let’s embark on this learning journey together, empowering you to make informed decisions and chart a course toward financial success.


What is Prop Trading? An Introduction!

Lesson 1


How to open a Prop Trading account?

Lesson 2


Prop Evaluation Programs – All You Need to Know about It!

Lesson 3


What is Forex? – Your Regular Guide to Trading!

Lesson 4


How to use MT4 and MT5 trading platforms?

Lesson 5


What can you trade in Forex?

Lesson 6


Different Types of Charts in Forex Trading!

Lesson 7


The Most Important Prop Trading Objectives!

Lesson 8


What are Swap-Free Accounts?

Lesson 9


Exploring Prop Firm Free Trials – What are these?

Lesson 10