A Comparison of Prop Instant Funding Programs

Forex Prop Review ranks the best Instant Funding Programs from various prop trading firms. Which one is the best?

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Over the past few years, many prop firms have undergone significant changes. With so many prop firms offering different funding programs to choose from, traders now have almost unlimited opportunities to find a prop trading firm that will meet their standards. 

It’s important to note that the prop trading company and the sector have only recently begun.

The Prop Firm Comparison

Forex Prop Firm is reviewing the following firms.

My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds has been operating in the market since July 2020. They provide three different funding programs, one of which is an accelerated funding program that provides instant funding. It also gives traders the option to select between conventional and emphatic accounts based on the size of their accounts.

My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds’ accelerated program accounts reward traders with a 50% profit split based on the gains they make while trading with 1:50 leverage. When they scale up, their withdrawals have no impact on traders’ accounts, which is a very advantageous feature. There are three crucial regulations to follow for both accelerated funding programs:

  • The maximum loss cap
  • The prohibition of EAS
  • Weekend holding.

 Finotive Funding

Traders can choose between standard and aggressive accounts through an instant funding program. By scaling the traders’ accounts, this profit split can be increased to 75 percent. Traders can trade standard accounts with leverage ranging from one to one hundred standard accounts. Finotive Funding has two different funding programs available. Traders with Finotive Funding accounts have a 60 percent profit split, which can be scaled up to 75 percent. 

Funding Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus has been operating in the market since November 2021. One of its funding options is an instant funding program. Investors benefit from a starting profit split of 70% that can be raised to 90%. For all account sizes, traders can use leverage ranging from one to thirty. Funded Trading Plus accounts have a maximum overall loss limit of 5% but no maximum daily loss limit. Traders can withdraw money before account scaling but must have made a profit of at least $10 to be qualified to scale their account balance. A profit goal of 10 and an upside scaling cap of 2.5 million dollars are required for account scaling.

The Five Percenters (The5%ers)

The prop trading company, The Five Percenters has been active in the market since April 2020. An instant funding program account has a maximum loss cap of 6% but no maximum daily loss cap. The funding program also includes a scaling plan with an upside scaling cap of $4 million. And a profit target of six to seven percent for level one and ten percent for all other levels. 

City Traders Imperium

Traders can use one to ten direct funding program accounts, which have a maximum overall loss limit of 5%. There are no restrictions on the number of trading days, either at the minimum or maximum. The scaling plan for the funding program has a profit target of 10 as well as an upside scaling cap of $2 million.

The following regulations must be followed by traders using direct funding program accounts:

  • The maximum loss cap
  •  A mandatory stop loss on each position
  • A 1.5 percent or lower stop loss risk for each open position.

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