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FXIFY has announced a special Father's Day discount, offering traders a 15% discount on all challenges.
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See if FXIFY Two-Step Evaluation is the one for you and matches your trading objectives.
2 weeks ago 0 1510
Let’s talk about FXIFY three-phase evaluation and see if it's what you need for your trading journey.
2 weeks ago 0 10568
In this article, we will go through which proprietary trading firms accept traders from the United States to ...
2 weeks ago 0 1303
We're here to present all of the prop trading firm updates that have occurred during May of 2024.
2 weeks ago 0 1734
FXIFY trading statistics for May 2024, showcasing remarkable activity and substantial payouts.
3 weeks ago 0 2402
FXIFY exciting summer offers designed with generous discounts on their trading challenges.
1 month ago 0 2533
FXIFY has announced a significant achievement, surpassing $10 million in total payouts!
1 month ago 0 1288
FXIFY is revolutionizing the prop industry by nurturing traders through its innovative funding programs.
1 month ago 0 3093
Know the co-founders of FXIFY, who identify skilled traders by assessing their trading discipline.

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