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In a riveting interview by Forex Capital Funds, Hamza opened up about his tumultuous trading journey.
3 months ago 0 12649
Prop firms in some cases also allow traders to use high-frequency trading strategies while trading with them.
4 months ago 0 1999
Forex Capital Funds announces 3-Tier Affiliate Program, offers a chance to earn commissions.
4 months ago 0 1929
Forex Capital Funds' main advantage is that they allow news trading to empower traders
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We're here to present all the updates on prop trading firms for the month of July.
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On our today’s episode of “Meet the CEO,” we have the CEOs of Forex Capital Funds.
5 months ago 0 2348
Forex Capital Funds introduces unlimited trading days allowing freedom and flexibility!
5 months ago 0 2171
Forex Capital Funds offers collaboration with their new 3-Tier Affiliate Program.
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Here’s an overview of the Two-Step Evaluation Program of Forex Capital Funds.
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Forex Capital Funds is revolutionizing the trading experience with a bunch of advantages.

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