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1 month ago 0 1913
AquaFunded has launched 3-Step Challenge aimed at identifying and nurturing top-tier trading talent.
2 months ago 0 1290
AquaFunded has officially launched its new trading platform, the cTrader platform!
2 months ago 0 1723
AquaFunded has announced the launch of "AQUA 2.0," signaling a new era of prop trading excellence.
3 months ago 0 2566
AquaFunded has made waves with its latest revelation: the launch of TradeLocker.
3 months ago 0 1979
AquaFunded announces the return of US traders, made possible by the integration of DXTrade.
3 months ago 0 1677
AquaFunded announces the launch of DXtrade, its latest cutting-edge trading platform; Live Now!
5 months ago 0 1972
We're here with a new review for you - AquaFunded, which is one of the newer featured prop ...
5 months ago 0 2050
Learn the updates of the industry's leading prop trading firms for the last month of 2023, in December.
6 months ago 0 1404
AquaFunded's exciting addition to its payout methods – Riseworks, a cutting-edge option for traders.
6 months ago 0 1544
Learn about AquaFunded Two-Step Evaluation and make it easier to start your own prop trading journey.

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