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Funded Trading Plus is a prop firm built by traders, for traders. 

What makes Funded Trading Plus different is they are firm built by traders, for traders. Their trading team weren’t happy with what was out there, so they built their own based on rules that they wanted to trade.

We spoke to Simon Massey, one of the founders and Managing Directors of Funded Trading Plus where he outlined what makes them different and here is what he said:


“The reality is many prop firms don’t want you to make withdrawals. They place minimum profit targets, minimum trading days, infrequently withdrawal limits and other limitations to make it harder (and less likely) a trader will withdraw profits. 

Our simple solution is to allow traders to withdraw any profits up to once per week.”

Time limits 

“One of the biggest complaints from traders is a time limit they must complete their trading evaluation within. Simply put, this is designed to place pressure upon you and increases the probability you will fail the challenge. 

If you worked at an investment bank or hedge fund, do you think you’d be forced to take trades and have added pressure? 

Of course not. 

Our simple solution is No time limits. Take as long as you need to pass your evaluation.”

Help and support 

“Props firms do not offer bespoke help and support to the live traders. One reason is because they place them on demo accounts that traders can withdraw profits from if they reach the profit taking rules (see below). 

Ask yourself this, if you were providing traders with your money, would you just send them an email with their live account details? 

Our simple solution is every trader who passed our evaluation is invited for a one on one planning and support session with one of our professional traders who founded our firm. As we’re putting you in the real market, we absolutely want you to succeed and will help in any way we can.

Of course some traders don’t wish for this, and that’s fine, but we want to help you be the best trader you can be.”

You’re not in the live market

“Most prop firms place traders in the demo market on their ‘live accounts’. We’ve seen multiple prop firms go bust and be unable to pay traders out running this risky model. 

If you make a large amount of profit on a demo account, then that money isn’t there to pay you from your trading account. You have to hope the prop firm can pay you out through some other means. 

Our simple solution is to place all our live traders in the real market and have sophisticated risk-management systems designed from our own trading knowledge and experience. 

That means if you make profit, it is always there to pay you out quickly.

If you want to know more about us, then join our fast-growing Discord community here: https://discord.com/invite/8fjYcFUXx7.

Thanks to Simon for taking the time to answer some of our questions. If you want a 7% discount from Funded Trading Plus then enter the following code at the checkout: FPR7.

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