My Forex Funds & Leveled Up Society Two-step Comparison

In this article, we will be making a general and two-step comparison between My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society.

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In this article, we will be making a general and two-step comparison between My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society. We will compare the two mentioned proprietary trading firms in general and what they are offering to forex traders worldwide.

Company Details

Company DetailsMy Forex FundsLeveled Up Society
Incorporation DateJuly 2020June 2022
CEOMurtuza KazmiCristhian Gonzalez
Office LocationToronto, CanadaMiami, United States
Maximum Allocation Capital2x $300,000$400,000

My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society are both reliable and trustworthy proprietary trading firms. My Forex Funds was incorporated in July 2020, while Leveled Up Society started operating in June 2022. When it comes to CEOs, Murtuza Kazmi is the CEO of My Forex Funds, while Leveled Up Society is being run by Cristhian Gonzalez. My Forex Funds has offices located in Toronto, Canada, while Leveled Up Society has its headquarters in Miami, United States. And lastly, when it comes to the maximum allocation capital, traders can manage 2x $300k two-step evaluation accounts with My Forex Funds, while with Leveled Up Society, traders can obtain funding up to $400k. Note that both proprietary trading firms also have a scaling plan.

Funding Program Options

Funding Program OptionsMy Forex FundsLeveled Up Society
One-step Evaluation
Two-step Evaluation
Instant Funding

My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society both offer multiple funding programs to forex traders worldwide. My Forex Funds offers a unique one-step evaluation, a two-step evaluation, and an instant funding program. Leveled Up Society, on the other hand, offers a one-step evaluation and a two-step evaluation.

That being said, let’s take a look at the comparison of the two-step evaluation programs.

Two-step Comparison:

Trading Rules/ObjectivesMy Forex FundsLeveled Up Society
Phase 1 Profit Target8%8%
Phase 2 Profit Target5%5%
Daily Drawdown5%5%
Overall Drawdown12%8%
Minimum Trading Days5 calendar days5 calendar days
Trading PeriodStep 1: Unlimited
Step 2: Unlimited
Step 1: Unlimited
Step 2: Unlimited
Profit Split75% up to 90%80%

Now that we have covered all the rules and guidelines of the two-step evaluation. Let’s take a closer look at prices.

Account SizeMy Forex FundsLeveled Up Society

Brokers & Trading Platforms

After covering all the trading objectives, rules, and pricing, let’s take a closer look at brokers and trading platforms that we can use with each proprietary trading firm.

My Forex FundsLeveled Up Society
BrokerTraders Global GroupEightcap
Trading PlatformMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

Trading Instruments

Another important factor when comparing proprietary trading firms is trading instruments. Below you can see which trading instruments we can trade with My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society.

Trading InstrumentMy Forex FundsLeveled Up Society
Forex Pairs

Community Feedback

The last topic we will go through is community feedback from My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society. We will be looking at feedback from Trustpilot regarding both proprietary trading firms.

Trustpilot StatisticsMy Forex FundsLeveled Up Society
Number of Reviews16,9131,134

My Forex Funds has a rating of 4.8/5 out of a total of 16,913 reviews, while Leveled Up Society has a rating of 3.7/5 out of 1,134 reviews. Based on the statistics, we can clearly see that My Forex Funds is the more popular proprietary trading firm at the moment.


In conclusion, My Forex Funds and Leveled Up Society are two excellent proprietary trading firm choices for any trader. We can see some clear differences regarding the trading rules and objectives, prices, and community feedback. In addition, we can also see that there is a difference regarding funding program options since My Forex Funds offers the following three: one-step evaluation, two-step evaluation, and instant funding. On the other hand, Leveled Up Society offers a one-step evaluation and a two-step evaluation.

We will be ending the comparison with our special discount codes for each of the two compared proprietary trading firms. You can find both discount codes below!

My Forex Funds 5% active discount code: forexpropreviews5

Leveled Up Society 5% active discount code: FOREXPROPREVIEWS

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