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It is super hard to navigate financial institutions and this is where Forex Prop Reviews helps. We listen to customers, assess their needs and – based on their preferences – recommend investment service providers. 

If you want to join a company where you can have a direct and immediate impact on the product, this is the time and Forex Prop Reviews is the team!

You are the ideal Content Editor if you have previously worked as an editor or journalist, have an excellent command of English and understand the basic concepts of international markets and trading.

At Forex Prop Reviews, you will proofread broker reviews and write articles together with senior broker experts.

Ideal candidate:

dynamic, communicative, strong copywriting skills, good at time management, creative, risk-taker, believer, devoted, passionate

1. Experience: 

5+ years as a writer/editor

2. Tasks:

  • Write financial content and make multimedia content
  • Proofread financial contents written by broker experts

3. Technology, tools:

HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

More on what we do:

Forex Prop Reviews is the first fintech start-up company devoted to helping people navigate the global financial market and decide where to invest.

The borderless scope of our services enables a person in Lithuania to check whether an American or a German broker offers better conditions for opening an account. Forex Prop Reviews aims to make the process as transparent and flawless as possible.

An essential part of this transparency stems from the independent, tech-focused evaluation method and the checking of more than 500 data points that cover the different aspects of the reviewed brokers.

Technology and 10+ years of finance experience create a unique combination and an unparalleled source of unbiased guidance.

Working with Forex Prop Reviews, you’ll be able to get insights into the exciting world of trading and finance, for example on our knowledge-sharing events.

Forex Prop Reviews is unique because the reviews are:

data-driven, customer-reviewed, independent, based on cutting-edge technology, borderless

How to apply:

Please send your CV or resume to We’ll contact you if you might be the right fit, and we’ll get together to exchange ideas, and ask questions. Of each other. Because we’re in the business of finding the right match.

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