Comparison between The5%ers & BluFX

In this article, we will compare The5%ers and BluFX in general and what they offer to forex traders.

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In this article, we will go through what The5%ers and BluFX have to offer. We will compare the firms in general and what they offer to forex traders.

1. Company incorporation

Incorporation dateApril 2020June 2017πŸ’š

The5%ers and BluFX are legitimate proprietary trading firms. The5%ers was incorporated in April 2020. BluFX, on the other hand, was incorporated in June 2017. Both proprietary trading firms have been working for quite some time, they have made an excellent reputation for themselves and are still attracting attention from forex traders worldwide.

2. Funding program options

Funding program optionsThe5%ersBluFX
$100k Bootcampβœ…βŒ
Direct fundingβœ…βœ…

The5%ers and BluFX have the following funding program options that their community can choose from. The5%ers has a $100k Bootcamp, Freestyle, and direct funding program, while BluFX only has a direct funding program.

Let’s look at the comparison between their direct funding programs since both proprietary trading firms are offering them.

Direct funding program comparison:

Rule/GuidelineThe5%ers low-riskThe5%ers aggressive-riskBluFX basicBluFX swap-free
Profit target6% or 7%12%5%πŸ’š5%πŸ’š
Overall drawdown6%6%10%πŸ’š10%πŸ’š
Trading period180 calendar days60 calendar daysNo limitπŸ’šNo limitπŸ’š
Profit split50%50%50%50%

Now that we have gone through their rules and guidelines for their direct funding programs we are going to go through pricing for different account sizes.

Account sizeThe5%ers low-riskThe5%ers aggressive-riskBluFX basicBluFX swap-free
$25,000❌❌£99 per month£139 per month
$50,000❌❌£249 per month£329 per month

3. Broker and trading platform

Now that we have gone through all of the funding programs that they are offering. Let’s compare which brokers and trading platforms you can use with each prop trading firm.

BrokerLiquidity Provider who gives them Direct Market AccessEternity Global
Trading platformMetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4

4. Trading instruments

Another important factor are trading instruments. Let’s see which trading instruments you can trade with The5%ers and which with BluFX.

Trading instrumentThe5%ersBluFX
Forex pairsβœ…βœ…

5. Traders’ comments

The last thing we will go through is the feedback from The5%ers and BluFX prop firms. The reviews we will be looking at are from Trustpilot.

Trustpilot statisticsThe5%ersBluFX
Number of reviews576πŸ’š426

The5%ers has a rating of 4.8/5 while BluFX has 4.4/5. The number of reviews is quite high for each of the prop firms. The5%ers has 576 reviews, while BluFX has 426. One of the reasons behind the high amount of feedback from their community is that The5%ers and BluFX have been in the industry for quite some time and have acquired a large community.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, The5%ers and BluFX are two excellent proprietary trading firms. Both proprietary firms are quite similar. They both offer direct funding programs and have a large community built behind them. This can be easily seen from the reviews on Trustpilot. A significant difference would be the funding options. The5%ers offers a $100k Bootcamp, Freestyle, and direct funding program, while BluFX offers only a direct funding program.

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