Comparison between FundedNext & Fidelcrest

In this article, we will compare FundedNext and Fidelcrest in general and what they offer to forex traders.

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In this article, we will go through what FundedNext and Fidelcrest have to offer. We will compare the firms in general and what they offer to forex traders.

1. Company incorporation

Incorporation dateMarch 2022September 2018πŸ’š

FundedNext and Fidelcrest are legitimate proprietary trading firms. FundedNext was incorporated in March 2022. Fidelcrest, on the other hand, is a well-established proprietary trading firm incorporated in September 2018. However, despite the difference in the operating time of each firm, both have the potential to continue developing and attracting traders worldwide for years to come.

2. Funding program options

Funding program optionsFundedNextFidelcrest
One-phase evaluationβœ…βŒ
Two-phase evaluationβœ…βœ…

FundedNext and Fidelcrest have the following funding program options that their community can choose from. FundedNext has a one-phase evaluation and two-phase evaluation, while Fidelcrest only has a two-phase evaluation.

Let’s look at the comparison between the two-phase evaluation since both proprietary trading firms are offering it.

Two-phase funding program comparison:

Rule/GuidelineFundedNextFidelcrest normal riskFidelcrest aggressive risk
Phase 1 profit target10%5% or 10%πŸ’š15% or 20%
Phase 2 profit target5%πŸ’š5% or 10%15% or 20%
Daily drawdown5%5%10%πŸ’š
Overall drawdown10%10%20%πŸ’š
Minimum trading days5 calendar days10 calendar day5 or 10 calendar daysπŸ’š
Phase 1 trading period30 calendar days30 calendar days30 calendar days
Phase 2 trading period60 calendar days60 calendar days60 calendar days
Profit split80% up to 90%80%90%πŸ’š

Now that we have gone through their rules and guidelines for their two-phase evaluation challenges we are going to go through pricing for different account sizes.

Account sizeFundedNextFidelcrest normal riskFidelcrest aggressive risk

3. Broker and trading platform

Now that we have gone through all of the funding programs that they are offering. Let’s compare which brokers and trading platforms you can use with each prop trading firm.

BrokerEightcapFidelcrest Markets
Trading platformMetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4

4. Trading instruments

Another important factor are trading instruments. Let’s see which trading instruments you can trade with FundedNext and which with Fidelcrest.

Trading instrumentFundedNextFidelcrest
Forex pairsβœ…βœ…

5. Traders’ comments

The last thing we will go through is the feedback from FundedNext and Fidelcrest prop firms. The reviews we will be looking at are from Trustpilot.

Trustpilot statisticsFundedNextFidelcrest
Number of reviews279284πŸ’š

FundedNext has a rating of 4.4/5, while Fidelcrest also has 4.4/5. However, the number of reviews differs immensely. FundedNext has only 279 reviews, while Fidelcrest has 284. One of the reasons behind such a difference is that FundedNext has just started operating in March 2022.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, FundedNext and Fidelcrest are two excellent proprietary trading firms. The main difference between them would be the incorporation date since FundedNext has just started operating in March 2022 The difference can be easily seen from the reviews on Trustpilot. Besides that, the other significant difference would be the funding options. FundedNext offers two: one-phase and two-phase evaluation, while Fidelcrest only has a two-phase evaluation.

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