Comparison between BluFX & FTUK

In this article, we will compare BluFX and FTUK in general and what they offer to forex traders.

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In this article, we will go through what BluFX and FTUK have to offer. We will compare the firms in general and what they offer to forex traders.

1. Company incorporation

Incorporation dateJune 2017πŸ’šDecember 2021

BluFX and FTUK are legitimate proprietary trading firms. BluFX was incorporated in June 2017 and has become one of the more successful firms in the industry. FTUK, on the other hand, is a relatively new proprietary trading firm incorporated in December 2021. However, despite the short period they are operating, they have made an excellent reputation for themselves and are attracting attention from forex traders worldwide.

2. Funding program options

Funding program optionsBluFXFTUK
One-phase evaluationβŒβœ…
Direct fundingβœ…βœ…

BluFX and FTUK have the following funding program options that their community can choose from. BluFX offers direct funding, while FTUK has a one-phase evaluation and direct funding program.

Let’s look at the comparison between their direct funding programs since both proprietary trading firms are offering them.

Direct funding program comparison:

Rule/GuidelineBluFX basicBluFX swap-freeFTUK low riskFTUK aggressive risk
Profit target5%πŸ’š5%πŸ’š10%25%
Overall drawdown10%πŸ’š10%πŸ’š5%5%
Leverage1:31:3Up to 1:50Up to 1:100πŸ’š
Profit split50%50%Up to 80%πŸ’šUp to 80%πŸ’š

Now that we have gone through their rules and guidelines for their direct funding programs we are going to go through pricing for different account sizes.

Account sizeBluFX basicBluFX swap-freeFTUK low riskFTUK aggressive risk
$25,000£99 per month£139 per month❌❌
$50,000£249 per month£329 per month❌❌

3. Broker and trading platform

Now that we have gone through all of the funding programs that they are offering. Let’s compare which brokers and trading platforms you can use with each prop trading firm.

BrokerEternity GlobalItexsys
Trading platformMetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4

4. Trading instruments

Another important factor are trading instruments. Let’s see which trading instruments you can trade with BluFX and which with FTUK.

Trading instrumentBluFXFTUK
Forex pairsβœ…βœ…

5. Traders’ comments

The last thing we will go through is the feedback from BluFX and FTUK prop firms. The reviews we will be looking at are from Trustpilot.

Trustpilot statisticsBluFXFTUK
Number of reviews426πŸ’š87

BluFX has a rating of 4.4/5, while FTUK has 4.7/5. However, the number of reviews differs immensely. BluFX has 426 reviews, while FTUK has only 87. One of the reasons behind such a huge difference is that BluFX was incorporated more than four years before FTUK.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, BluFX, and FTUK are two excellent proprietary trading firms. The main difference between them would be the incorporation date since BluFX is well over four years ahead of FTUK. The difference can be easily seen from the reviews on Trustpilot. Besides that, the other significant difference would be the funding options. BluFX offers direct funding with monthly fees, while FTUK offers a one-phase evaluation and direct funding program with a one-time fee.

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