Super Funded Review (5% discount code: forexpropreviews)

Super Funded Review (5% discount code: forexpropreviews)

Super Funded was founded by veterans of the Australian forex industry. They have a combined experience of around 50 years, with a mission to create a funding program that is beneficial to traders across the world. Their funding program requires a trader to pass an evaluation to demonstrate their skills and discipline.
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Super Funded has a vision of making the world’s markets easily and quickly accessible at a radically lower cost than what exists in the current proprietary trading firm industry.

  • Maximum allocation capital of $600,000
  • Real accounts
  • 90% Profit split
  • News trading is allowed
  • Weekend holding and overnight holding is allowed
  • No minimal trading days
  • One-step evaluation process
  • Lack of community feedback
  • Lack of payment proof
  • Consistency rule
  • Low leverage 1:30, 1:20, and 1:2

Super Funded encourages traders worldwide to succeed in their careers. They are enabling them to earn significant amounts of profits from their trading activity. To become a funded trader, you must first pass an evaluation to demonstrate your skills and discipline as a competent trader. Upon successful completion, you are rewarded with a 90% profit split on your future payouts.

Who are Super Funded?

Super Funded is a proprietary firm that is based in Australia. They are offering motivated traders up to $600,000 in funding with a profit split of 90%. They have integrated their technology with a broker Eightcap, which is an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia.

They are a company that is owned and operated by PropTradeTech Pty Ltd (ACN 661 045 950), which is an Australian Private Company.

Super Funded started operating on the 23rd of February, 2023.

Their offices are located at the following address Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Funding program options

Super Funded offers its traders a one-step evaluation program with five different account sizes.

Evaluation program accounts

Super Funded evaluation program aims to identify serious traders and enable them to earn significant amounts of profits from their trading activity. They are rewarded for their consistency in the one-phase evaluation period. The evaluation program account allows you to trade with up to 1:30 leverage.

Account SizePrice

The evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 10% while not surpassing their 4% maximum daily loss or 8% maximum loss rules. Your evaluation account has no minimum trading day requirements. However, you do have a maximum trading period of 90 calendar days to complete the evaluation. In addition, you are also required to hit your profit target in order to become funded.

By completing the evaluation phase, you are awarded a funded account where you have no profit targets. You are only required to respect the 4% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum loss rules. Your first payout consists of 90% of the profit made on the funded account. However, the next payouts can be requested on a bi-weekly basis.

Evaluation program account scaling plan

The evaluation program accounts have no scaling plan.

Evaluation program account rules

  • Profit target is a specific percentage of profit that a trader is required to obtain before they can complete an evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or scale their account. Evaluation programs have a profit target of 10%. Funded accounts have no profit targets.
  • Maximum daily loss is the maximum loss a trader can reach on a daily basis before the account is violated. All account sizes have a maximum daily loss of 4%.
  • Maximum loss is the maximum loss a trader can reach overall before the account is violated. All account sizes have a maximum loss of 8%.
  • Maximum trading days are the maximum period in which you are required to hit a specific profit target or withdrawal target. The evaluation period has a maximum of 90 calendar days.
  • The consistency rule is a rule that requires traders to have consistent position sizes, risk management, losses, gains, etc… Meaning that the characteristics of the account results should not differentiate drastically. The profits earned on your best trade must not exceed 50% of the overall profit target.
  • Third-party EA risk means that if you intend to use an EA, you should keep in mind that by using a third-party EA, there might be other traders that are already using it and therefore using exactly the same trading strategy. By using a third-party EA, you potentially run the risk of being denied a funded account/withdrawal if you exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.
  • No copy trading allowed means that traders are not allowed to use any type of copy trading services.

What makes Super Funded different from any other prop firm?

Super Funded is different from most of the industry-leading prop firms due to almost never regulating your trading style. You have no minimum trading day requirements while also being able to trade during news releases and hold trades over the weekend and overnight.

Compared to other prop firms, the Super Funded evaluation program is a one-phase evaluation program that requires traders to complete and hit a profit target before being eligible for payouts. The profit target for the evaluation program is 10%, with a 4% maximum daily loss and an 8% maximum loss. On the other hand, you have no minimum trading day requirement in order to pass your evaluation. Note that their evaluation program accounts don’t have a scaling plan.

In conclusion, Super Funded is different from most of the industry-leading prop firms due to almost never regulating your trading style. Note that you also have no minimum trading day requirements and a maximum trading period of 90 calendar days, which is a major positive since you can take your time with the evaluation and aren’t forced to take trades.

Is getting Super Funded capital realistic?

When looking at prop firms that best suit you and your forex trading style, it’s important to look at how realistic the trading requirements are. For example, a company offering a high % profit split on a highly funded account sounds great but if they expect high % gains per month with low % maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

Receiving capital from the evaluation program accounts is realistic mostly since they have an average 10% profit target with average maximum loss rules (4% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum loss).

After considering all of that, Super Funded is an excellent choice to get funded since evaluation program accounts that you can choose from all have realistic trading objectives to follow and conditions to receive payouts.

Payment proof

Super Funded is a proprietary trading firm launched on the 23rd of February, 2023.

With Super Funded, traders can request their first withdrawal 30 calendar days after executing their first trade on their funded account. After the first withdrawal, traders can request a payout on a bi-weekly basis. Traders are entitled to a 90% profit split.

Regarding payout proof, there is still little to no information since they have only launched in February 2023. However, you can see an example of Super Funded paying one of their successful and profitable clients below.

Which broker does Super Funded use?

Super Funded has integrated its technology with a broker Eightcap, which is an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia. They were founded in 2009 with a simple, clear mission to provide exceptional financial services to its clients. They have five offices around the globe and regulations in multiple locations providing clients all over the world with the ability to trade on markets across FX, indices, commodities, and shares.

Eightcap is considered average risk, with an overall Trust Score of 73 out of 99. They have the following features:

  1. Forex Trading
  2. CFD Trading
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading
  4. Social Trading/Copy-Trading
  5. A total of 326 Tradeable Symbols
  6. A total of 45 Forex Pairs

They offer two account types, one being Raw and the other one Standard. The commissions and fees will depend on which of the two you choose. Fees for Standard accounts are built into a spread, and for Raw accounts, into a commission. Another fee you should always consider is the overnight fee, which is an interest for holding a position open overnight in trading. They allow leverage of 1:30, with specific restrictions according to the trading size you are operating with.

They deliver a personalized trading experience and create an ultra-efficient technology infrastructure for you to trade on and have been awarded the Best Global Forex MT4 Broker 2020 at the Global Forex Awards for doing so.

As for trading platforms, they allow traders to trade on MetaTrader 4.

Trading Instruments

Super Funded offers a large variety of trading instruments. You are allowed to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.


Trading fees

Trading commission:

AssetsFee terms


In order to check the live spreads login to the trading account below:

PlatformServerLogin numberPasswordDownload platform
MetaTrader 4EightcapLtd-Demo032145687845Uy7ddmyClick here


Super Funded does not provide any educational content on its website.

On the other hand, Super Funded does provide traders with a well-structured dashboard, making it easier to manage risk with all the live statistics of their trading objectives.

Trustpilot Feedback

Super Funded has limited feedback from reviews.

On Trustpilot, they have only five reviews. However, this is normal since they started operating in February 2023. We will continue updating once there are more reviews of Super Funded in the future.

Social Media Statistics

Super Funded can also be found on social media.

They have a:

Customer Support

Super Funded has an FAQ page where you can find all the information that you need about the firm. 

The support team is available on their social media, or you can contact them directly on their email [email protected].


In conclusion, Super Funded is a legitimate proprietary trading firm that offers traders a chance to choose between five different evaluation program account sizes.

Evaluation programs are a one-phase evaluation challenge that requires the completion of one phase before becoming funded and being eligible to earn profit splits. Super Funded requires traders to reach a profit target of 10% before becoming funded, which are realistic trading objectives considering you have a 4% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum loss rules to follow. With evaluation programs, you can earn 90% profit splits. However, you should note that their evaluation program accounts don’t have a scaling plan.

I would recommend Super Funded to anyone who is looking for a prop firm with straightforward trading rules. While they are still a relatively new firm, they offer excellent conditions for a big pool of individuals with unique trading styles. After considering everything Super Funded has to offer, they are for sure one of the more potential proprietary trading firms in the industry.

This review of Super Funded was lastly updated on 07.02.2024 at 08:57 CE(S)T.

So, what do you think about the layout of the Proprietary Trading firm? Does Super Funded have the instruments that you want to trade?

Let us know if you enjoyed our Super Funded Proprietary Trading firm review!

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