Ment Funding Review

Ment Funding Review

Ment Funding has a solidified backbone in education from mentfx, seeing apparent success in traders over the previous years. Most of the newer traders struggle with finding reliable funding opportunities.
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Ment Funding has created a firm that prioritizes creating a fair trading environment. They are backed by funding investors and, consequently, able to fund successful traders with live accounts.

  • Live funded accounts
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5
  • Funding up to $1,000,000 per account
  • No account number limitations
  • 1-step Evaluation
  • Partnered with Eightcap
  • A large variety of trading instruments (all forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, crypto)
  • No limit to your trading style
  • No minimum and maximum day limits
  • EA’s, copy traders, scripts, indicators, and hedging allowed
  • News trading allowed
  • Relatively new prop firm
  • 5% Maximum trailing drawdown (stops at accounts original value)
  • No weekend positions
  • Low leverage 10:1 and 2:1

Ment Funding encourages its traders to succeed in their careers. They enable them to earn more profits by trading up to $2,000,000 in balance per account. To become funded, you have to pass their 1-step evaluation. Upon successful completion, you are rewarded with 75% profit splits on all your earnings.

Who are Ment Funding?

Ment Funding is a relatively new proprietary firm founded in October 2020. Initially, they were created as an educational platform for traders. In June 2021, the company expanded and started a prop firm business, offering funds to forex traders. They are based in the United States, Texas. They are offering their traders a $2,000,000 balance in size per account while using Eightcap as their broker, an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia.

Their headquarters are located at 5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731.

Funding program options

Ment Funding offers its traders a one-step evaluation program with seven different account sizes.

Evaluation program accounts

Ment Funding evaluation program aims to find and fund real traders, enabling them to earn more significant profits from their trading activity. They follow the motto that ”your gains are our gains”. Traders are rewarded for their consistency in the one-phase evaluation period. The evaluation program account allows you to trade with up to 1:10 leverage (1:20 by choosing an upgrade).

The evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 10% while not surpassing the 4% maximum daily loss or 5% maximum trailing drawdown rules. Your evaluation account has no minimum or maximum trading day requirements. The only requirement to become successfully funded is hitting the profit target.

By completing the evaluation phase, you are awarded a funded account where you have no profit targets. You are only required to respect the 4% maximum daily loss and 5% maximum trailing loss rules. You can request your first 75% profit split after trading for three days. After that, your payouts are on a monthly basis.

Evaluation program account scaling plan

Evaluation program accounts also have a scaling plan. However, the scaling plan is different since you cannot scale your account balance. You can only scale your lot size limitations while you are compounding your profits on your funded account. That being said, you can request to increase your lot size limit by 1 lot for each $10k profit you make on your account.

You can see the scaling plan for the lot sizes of the evaluation programs below:

Account sizeIncreased balanceIncreased lot size limit
$100,000$105,00010.5 lots
$100,000$110,00011 lots
$100,000$115,00011.5 lots
$100,000$120,00012 lots

Evaluation program account rules

  • Profit target is a specific percentage of profit that a trader is required to obtain before they can complete an evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or scale their account. Evaluation programs have a profit target of 10%. Funded accounts have no profit targets.
  • Maximum daily loss is the maximum loss a trader can reach on a daily basis before the account is violated. All account sizes have a maximum daily loss of 4%.
  • Maximum trailing drawdown is the maximum drawdown that is equal to the distance between the highest account balance achieved and the maximum drawdown. All account sizes have a maximum trailing drawdown of 5%.
  • Stop-loss required means that traders must set a stop-loss on every position before they can open a trade. (Unless you paid for the Upgrade)
  • Lot size limit requires traders to follow specified lot sizes for specific trading instruments. These are most usually set based on the initial account balance of the prop firm account. The maximum number of open lots across all pairs that a trader can have at any given time is 1 lot per $10,000 capital.
  • No weekend holding means that traders are not allowed to hold open positions during the weekends. (Unless you paid for the Upgrade)

Upgrade options for your evaluation program accounts

  1. Hold trades over the weekend: 10% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account
  2. Double leverage (this will double the leverage for forex pairs and metals, as well as double your maximum lot size limitations): 25% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account
  3. No stop-loss required: 10% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account

Keep in mind that you can choose only one upgrade option, or you can choose multiple based on your personal preference!

What makes Ment Funding different from other prop firms?

Ment Funding is different from most industry-leading firms due to offering a straightforward one-step evaluation program. You have no minimum or maximum trading day requirements while also being able to trade during news and hold trades overnight.

Compared to other prop firms, the Ment Funding evaluation program is a one-step evaluation program that requires traders to complete and hit a profit target before being eligible for payouts. The profit target for the evaluation program is 10%, with a 4% maximum daily loss, 5% maximum trailing drawdown, required stop-loss (Unless you paid for the Upgrade), and lot size limit rules. On the other hand, you have no minimum or maximum trading days period. Evaluation program accounts also have a scaling plan. However, the scaling plan is different since you cannot scale your account balance. You can only scale your lot size limitations while you are compounding your profits on your funded account.

In conclusion, Ment Funding is different from most industry-leading prop firms due to offering traders a one-step evaluation program with straightforward rules. In addition, you also have no minimum or maximum trading day requirements while also being able to trade during news and hold trades overnight.

Is getting Ment Funding capital realistic?

It’s essential to see how realistic the trading requirements are when looking at prop firms that best suit your forex trading style. For example, a company offering a high % profit split on a highly funded account sounds great, but if they expect high % gains per month with low % maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

Receiving capital from the evaluation program accounts is realistic mostly since they have an average 10% profit target with average maximum loss rules (4% maximum daily loss and 5% maximum trailing drawdown).

After considering all of that, Ment Funding is an excellent choice to get funded since evaluation program accounts that you can choose from all have realistic trading objectives to follow and conditions to receive payouts.

Payment proof

Ment Funding is a relatively new proprietary firm founded in October 2020 and expanded to prop firm business in June 2021. For your first payout, you can request it after three active trading days while being funded. From then on, you are limited to one payout per month.

We were not able to find any payment proof yet, and we will upload it once it is available.

Which broker does Ment Funding use?

Ment Funding has integrated its technology with broker Eightcap, an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia. They were founded in 2009 with a simple, straightforward mission to provide exceptional financial services to its clients. They have five offices around the globe and regulations in multiple locations providing clients worldwide with the ability to trade on markets across FX, indices, commodities, and shares.

Eightcap is considered average-risk, with an overall Trust Score of 73 out of 99. They have the following features:

  1. Forex Trading
  2. CFD Trading
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading
  4. Social Trading/Copy-Trading
  5. A total of 326 Tradeable Symbols
  6. A total of 45 Forex Pairs

They offer two account types, one being Raw and one Standard. The commissions and fees will depend on which of the two you choose. Prices for Standard accounts are built into a spread and for Raw accounts into a commission. 

They deliver a personalized trading experience and create an ultra-efficient technology infrastructure for you to trade on and have been awarded the Best Global Forex MT4 Broker 2020 at the Global Forex Awards for doing so.

As for trading platforms, they allow you to trade on MetaTrader 4.

Trading instruments

Ment Funding offers a large variety of trading instruments. You are allowed to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.


Trading fees

Trading commission:

AssetsFee terms


In order to check the live spreads login to the trading account below:

PlatformServerLogin numberPasswordDownload platform
MetaTrader 4EightcapLtd-Demo220180408SXhfhCnhClick here

Education & Support for traders

Ment Funding was developed out of Mentfx, an educational company. You can see their free educational content mostly on their Youtube channel. However, they have more on their website, but it requires a monthly or yearly subscription.

Ment Funding doesn’t have its own Forex Factory thread but has been mentioned numerous times in another thread named ‘’PROP FIRM HUB’’ made by a user named Masterrmind. 

To see the mentioned thread click here.

Traders’ comments about Ment Funding

Ment Funding has excellent feedback from their reviews.

As previously mentioned, Ment Funding is a relatively new proprietary firm making its reviews limited. Out of 59 reviews on Trustpilot, they have a 4.5/5 rating.

A vast majority of Ment Funding community mentions that their relaxed trading rules are a great feature for every trader. They have no hidden rules, like a huge proportion of other proprietary firms, making them a legitimate prop firm.

Social media statistics

Ment Funding can also be found on social media.

They have a:

  • Youtube channel with 108k subscribers and 141 uploaded videos, and
  • Instagram account with 41,2k followers.


Ment Funding has an FAQ page where you can find all the information that you need about the firm.

The support team is available on their social media, or you can contact them directly on their website by clicking here.


In conclusion, Ment Funding is a legitimate proprietary trading firm that offers traders a chance to choose between different evaluation program account sizes.

Evaluation programs are a one-phase evaluation challenge that requires the completion of one phase before becoming funded and being eligible to earn profit splits. Ment Funding requires traders to reach a profit target of 10% before becoming funded, which are realistic trading objectives considering you have a 4% maximum daily loss and 5% maximum trailing drawdown rules to follow. With evaluation programs, you can earn 75% profit splits on up to $2,000,000 account sizes.

I would recommend Ment Funding to anyone who is looking for a proprietary trading firm with straightforward rules. They are a reputable prop firm that offers excellent conditions for a larger specter of individuals with different trading strategies. After considering everything Ment Funding has to offer, they can be considered a legitimate and trustworthy option in the proprietary trading firm industry.

This review about Ment Funding was lastly updated on 20.01.2023 at 09:31 (CE(S)T).

So, what do you think about the layout of the Proprietary Trading firm? Does Ment Funding have the instruments that you want to trade?

Let us know if you enjoyed our Ment Funding Proprietary Trading firm review!

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