Blue Guardian Capital Review (10% discount code: forexpropreviews)

Blue Guardian Capital Review (10% discount code: forexpropreviews)

Blue Guardian Capital strives to aid skillful and experienced traders to maximize their talents to their full potential with an opportunity to secure them with a funded account.
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Blue Guardian Capital follows the principle that you require sufficient capital and a well-developed strategy to have an edge in the financial markets.

  • Maximum balance of standard account up to $600,000
  • 85% profit split
  • Leverage up to 100:1
  • Scaling plan with balance up to $1,800,000
  • Low evaluation profit targets of 6% for each phase
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed
  • News trading allowed
  • Well-structured user dashboard
  • A large variety of trading instruments (forex pairs, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies)
  • 5 Minimum trading days requirement
  • No free trial

Traders at Blue Guardian Capital are encouraged to succeed in their careers. The main priority that they expect from their clients is that they are disciplined individuals who properly manage risk and focus on long-term consistency. They allow them to earn high profits by managing account sizes up to $1,800,000 and taking home profit splits of 85%. They can achieve this by trading Forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Who are Blue Guardian Capital?

Blue Guardian Capital is a proprietary trading firm incorporated in June 2019. They went public in September 2021 and started offering traders a chance to work with capital up to $1,800,000 in balance with 85% profit splits. They are partnered with Purple Trading Seychelles as their broker.

Their official name is Iconic Exchange Limited t/a Blue Guardian Capital.

Their headquarters are located at 2 Highlands Court, Cranmore Avenue, Solihull, West Midlands, England, B90 4LE.

Funding program options

Blue Guardian Capital offers its traders four different account sizes. You can merge them up to $600,000 in balance, making you eligible to scale up to $1,800,000.

The prices for the accounts are:

  • $25,000 account for $189
  • $50,000 account for $306
  • $100,000 account for $497
  • $200,000 account for $897

Blue Guardian Capital makes every trader prove themselves and their trading strategy by passing a 2-Phase evaluation.

Evaluation phase one requires the trader to hit a profit target of 6% in a 30 day trading period. You cannot surpass the Maximum daily loss of 4% and Maximum overall loss of 10%. The minimum trading days required is 5.

Evaluation phase two requires the trader to hit a profit target of 6% in a 60 day trading period. You cannot surpass the Maximum daily loss of 4% and Maximum overall loss of 10%. The minimum trading days required is 5.

After successfully completing the 2-phase evaluation, you become a funded trader and eligible for profit splits of 85%. However, you are eligible to request a payout when you reach a profit of 4% with no time limitations.

You also become qualified for account scaling up to a balance of $1,800,000. You must merge your funded accounts to a balance of $600,000, and after you must make a 12% profit within four months. At least two months are required to be profitable. They will increase your account size by 30% of your current base balance by achieving this.

Blue Guardian Capital allows you to trade forex pairs (100:1 leverage), commodities (20:1 leverage), indices (50:1 leverage), and cryptocurrencies (2:1 leverage).

You are allowed to trade on MetaTrader 4 while also being allowed to trade during news, hold trades overnight and during the weekends.

What makes Blue Guardian Capital different from other prop firms?

Blue Guardian Capital is different from most industry-leading prop firms due to having relaxed trading rules with almost no restrictions. For example, you can trade during news, hold trades overnight, and during the weekends.

Compared to other prop firms, Blue Guardian Capital also offers leverage from 2:1 up to 100:1 depending on the instrument you trade and a relatively low-profit target of 6% in both phases. Comparing that to FTMO, which also has a 2-phase evaluation with a Profit Target of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two. The evaluation also has a 5 minimum trading day requirement. For example, My Forex Funds also has 5 minimum trading days for their evaluation stages, while FTMO has 10 minimum trading days for each step.

Another difference is the payouts, where you are rewarded with a high 85% profit split. Your first payout can be requested a month after your first trade is made. After that, you are eligible for payouts a month after your last payout. Remember that you must generate a minimum of 4% profit before requesting a withdrawal.

One of the few restrictions is their one trade rule where you are not allowed to make a majority of the profit target in one trade.

In conclusion, many different strategies can acquire funding from Blue Guardian Capital due to their relaxed trading rules with almost no restrictions. The main focus should be hitting the profit target without surpassing the maximum daily and overall loss rules.

Is getting Blue Guardian Capital capital realistic?

It’s essential to see how realistic the trading requirements are when looking at prop firms that best suit your forex trading style. For example, a company offering a high % profit split on a highly funded account sounds great, but if they expect high % gains per month with low % maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

After considering all of that, Blue Guardian Capital is a great choice to get funded with. This is since you need to pass a 2-phase evaluation with relaxed trading rules.

The rules for the evaluation phases are realistic since the profit target in both phases is 6% with a maximum daily loss of 4% and maximum overall loss of 10%.

Weekend holding, overnight holding, and news trading are also allowed, which is excellent for Day Traders and Swing Traders looking for capital up to $1,800,000.

Payment proof

Blue Guardian Capital was incorporated in June 2019. However, they went public in September 2021. You can request a withdrawal from them by passing their 2-phase evaluation and reaching a minimum profit of 4%.

You can find payment proof mostly on their telegram account, where most of their community shares it.

You can see an example in the two pictures below:

Which broker does Blue Guardian Capital use?

Blue Guardian Capital uses Purple Trading Seychelles as their broker. They aim to offer fair business conditions, state-of-the-art technologies and become equal partners to their clients.

As for trading platforms, they allow you to trade on Meta Trader 4.

Trading instruments

Blue Guardian Capital allows you to trade forex pairs with 100:1 leverage, commodities with 20:1 leverage, indices with 50:1 leverage, and cryptocurrencies with 2:1 leverage.


Education & Support for traders

Blue Guardian Capital was incorporated in 2019 and was initially designed to be a Forex Signal provider and an education institution. However, this changed in 2021 when they decided to rebrand and introduce their prop firm evaluations to allow all traders to become funded.

While Blue Guardian Capital doesn’t have their thread on ForexFactory, they have been mentioned numerous times in another thread named ‘’PROP FIRM HUB’’ made by a user named Masterrmind.

To see the mentioned thread click here.

Another thread can be found on ForexFactory named ‘’PROP FIRM ELITE’’ made by PaulMF, where Blue Guardian Capital also gets mentioned numerous times. 

To see the mentioned thread click here.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free trial, although you can open a demo account with their broker Purple Trading Seychelles.

However, they do provide a well-structured dashboard that all of their clients can access, making it easier to manage risk with all the objectives about their statistics.

Traders comments about Blue Guardian Capital

Blue Guardian Capital has excellent feedback from reviews.

On Trustpilot, they have a large variety of their community commenting and giving positive feedback with an average score of 4.5/5 out of 70 reviews.

Blue Guardian Capital has positive comments about themselves. Their community praises the whole team’s responsiveness and the prompt information they provide when something seems unclear to any of their clients.

Another positive feature their community is impressed with is the evaluation phase requirements compared to other firms. They are much easier to achieve, especially if you add the fact that you have almost no restrictions on your trading style.

Social media statistics

Blue Guardian Capital can also be found on social media.

They have a:


Blue Guardian Capital has a FAQ page where you might find the missing information.

The support team is available on their social media, or you can directly contact them on their email

Their live chat support team on their website is available during business hours from Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM GMT+1.


In conclusion, Blue Guardian Capital is a legitimate prop firm offering funding upon completing the 2-phase evaluation for traders worldwide. With accounts from $25,000 up to $200,000, which can be additionally merged to a $600,000 account. From then on, you are also eligible to scale the account up to a balance of $1,800,000. You are rewarded with a high 85% profit split, monthly payments, and relaxed trading rules. It’s an excellent firm for undercapitalized traders seeking investors for their trading.

I would recommend Blue Guardian Capital to anyone who has been reaching consistent results. While they are still a relatively new firm, they offer excellent conditions for a big pool of different trading styles for individuals.

This review about Blue Guardian Capital was lastly updated on 25.04.2022 at 09:39 (CE(S)T).

So, what do you think about the layout of the Proprietary Trading firm? Does Blue Guardian Capital have the instruments that you want to trade?

Let us know if you enjoyed our Blue Guardian Capital Proprietary Trading firm review!

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